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    • 27 Jan 2016

    2016 Accommodation Now available

    The 2016 July Fever package is now available!! It includes 2 nights accommodation Near Florida Road and transfers to Greyville so you don't need to worry about getting there. Do not leave it to late. Book Now.

    • 12 April 15

    Durban July After Party

    Did you think Durban July Day was about horse racing? It is one of the most anticipated events not only in the KZN social calendar but South Africa’s as well, and 2015 Durban July lived up to that anticipation.
    As soon as we have details of where the party's are going to be for 2016, we will let you know.

    • 11 DEC 13

    What's in a name?

    In 1897 The Vodacom Durban July Horse race started life as the Durban Winter Handicap. By 1928 Someone obviously realised that Durban didn't have much of a winter and it was changed to the Durban July Handicap (probably... it sounds a plausible reason?)
    Then during the war years, from 1943 to 1945 it reverted back to it's original name ( When warm material was scarce maybe...) Then in 1946 it went back to calling itself the Durban July Handicap.

    In 1963 Rothmans cigarettes took on a sponsorship role for the event ( Gunston cigarettes sponsored another iconic durban event 6 years later, The Gunston 500 Surf event) and it was known as the Rothmans July Handicap until 1989 when it changed to the Rothmans July.

    A Year after Gunston lost it's surf event sponsorship, Rothmans lost the Durban July and in 2001 the race was run known as, The Durban July.

    In 2002, mobile phone operator Vodacom climbed on board as the major sponsor and the race name was changed to "The Vodacom Durban July" which it is still know as.

    • 1 March 2015

    2015 Durban July Theme

    ( The theme for 2016 has not yet released )
    The Theme for the Durban July is one of the main aspects leading up to the 2st Saturday of each July at Greyville. Agreat deal of effort is put in by the models walking the ramps at the fashion shows, the celebrity's at the "to be seen at" marquee's and even the causual punters visiting for the day.
    2015's theme was The Captains Table. As soon as the 2016 Theme is released we will post it here. To stay up to date with the news, subscribe to our newsletter

    • 11 DEC 15
    The finishing straight at Greyville

    Entrants for The Vodacom Durban July

    2016 entrants are still to be announced but this is usually the order of things
    Mid April - Announcement of Entries

    Mid May- First Supplementary Entries
    Mid June - Final Supplementary Entries
    Mid June -- Weights Published
    2/3rds through June - Declarations close
    2/3rds through June - Announcement of Final Field and Barrier Draw
    NB: Two Reserve Runners will be announced which will replace any horse withdrawn ( date to be announced _
    Around 9 days before the face - Vodacom Durban July Gallops at Greyville Racecourse